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Sacred Heart Fathers

The Sacred Heart Fathers are a modern religious Society founded towards the end of the 19th century in France. 
Their founder, Fr Leo John Dehon, spent his life striving to improve the conditions of working men and women in the large industrial cities of northern Europe. 
He died in 1925 and the cause for his canonization is now going forward in Rome.
Fr Dehon saw the misery of the oppressed as a social evil.  But he also realised that it was an outrage against the love of Christ.  He therefore strove to lighten the burdens of the workers and to rekindle the flame of faith in the hearts of their oppressors.  He derived his inspiration and strength from his deep awareness of the love of Jesus. 
Fr Dehon considered the Heart of Jesus, wounded on the cross by our sins, to be the clearest sign of God’s love for all men and women.  Such great love calls out for a return of love on our part.

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The members of the Society founded by Fr Dehon seek the inspiration for their work in devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  This is what distinguishes them from other religious orders in the Church.  They strive to promote a greater awareness of God’s love by a variety of pastoral activities; foreign missions, youth work, parishes and teaching.  Thus they continue their founder’s struggle to bring faith and justice to our world.

Our heritage: the Heart of Jesus!

To live the way He lived,

To love the way He loves,

To think the way He thinks,

To care the way He cares for people.

On April 8, 1997, Pope John Paul II declared Fr Dehon 'Venerable'. This is a significant stage in the long process towards canonization.

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